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It all started with philosophy: first, wonder, and then in its wake the questions, or rather THE question: What is a good life? What is True life? I did a Ph.D to think about it, a thesis on creativity in thought. Halfway through it I came up against the pitfall of classical thought, that is to say, the body. The living, desiring, enjoying, sweating, sick, healing, moving body. This is how yoga came about, as an unexpected but obvious answer because it is both embodied and transcendent, to THE question: What is True life?


If we speak of True life, it means that there is a “false” life: a life devastated by the struggle for domination and money, by ready-made ideas, by desensitized bodies and hearts. True life is multicolored, unforeseen, deep, it sometimes breaks our hearts because it beats in a body which breathes, dreams, and feels.


Yoga teaches us to refine our sensory system to become more aware and to strengthen our nervous system to become more awake. Then we can take life head on, stop being a stowaway in our own body, activate our talents and our creativity, marvel at small and big things, know we are connected with all that is,  nurture this vital impulse which propels evolution and which gives us the means to support the tremendous paradigm shift that is currently underway--towards a fairer, more harmonious and more beautiful world.


I envision each yoga class, each workshop, each retreat as a journey, an experience, a small miracle that allows us for an hour, or three, or more, a change of perspective on ourselves, our body, our emotions , our needs, our beliefs, our possibilities… and this can transform everything.


A diligent practitioner of yoga and meditation for 25 years, it was when discovering Kundalini yoga that I wanted to take it to the next level. I trained in the United States and in Europe with masters faithful to the oldest traditions but free from all dogma (Ravi Singh, Kirantana Kaur Khalsa, Karta Sing). Thanks to their transmission, my passion, and 20 years of experience as a teacher from the university level to kindergarten, I offer classes, workshops, trainings and international retreats  (France, USA, Mexico, Costa-Rica…). Creating a group dynamic which reassures and inspires, which connects and liberates, has become my specialty.


Today I am the grateful co-owner of Delta Groove Yoga, a beautiful studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Join our tribe at !



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Classes, Workshops, Retreats

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I have moved ! 

I am now the proud co-owner of the magnificent Delta Groove Yoga Studio and School in Memphis, Tennessee.  ​​

All my classes will now take place in Memphis, in-person  AND streaming, in simultaneous English AND in French  (upon request), accessible by clicking on the image above.  


My schedules in French time:


Sunday at 5h30 p.m. & Wednesday at 4h30 p.m.


Thursday at 2h30 a.m 😃


Thursday at 12h30 a.m😉


If English intimidates you, contact me  and I'll take care of your registration! 

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My Kundalini Goddess Activation Course is finally out!!

Please click on the image and find out what treasures are within!!


Partner with the Goddesses of Yoga to embody your most meaningful and joyful life! 


🦋  6 powerful 90mn practices with your favorite goddesses

🦋  One Bonus Shakti Activation workshop

🦋  One fabulous workbook 

No more looking for YOUR purpose in other people’s traumas and dramas. No one but YOU can make the choice to come back to yourself. But it helps to have gorgeous, all-powerful, and always available archetypes hold your hand as you walk that path. 


I want to share this Goddess-Powered Kundalini Yoga with you because it is the most liberating practice I’ve experienced. It reminds me that I belong to the great Womanity. And that together we can take our gunk, everything from our past, our culture, our karma, and our last meal that weighs us down. Then we change its frequency and we turn it into fuel for our healing and creativity. We literally turn lead into gold. This is called alchemy. 


Each class combines a powerful physical workout, a deepening of your relationship to your soul, and an opportunity to reflect on where you want to follow your bliss. You’ll perceive your life path in a broader perspective on which you can always count. And you’ll have the energy, vitality and self-confidence to carry it out. 


Embark with me on this Kundalini Goddess Activation Journey and learn to say NO to the double binds of society so that you can say YES to knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you find your potential, your purpose, and your people.


If not Now, then when? 

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"Authentic, down to earth, passionate, Valentine transmits with wisdom and joy the Yoga that makes her vibrate and it is contagious."



"Thank you Valentine for your practices which helped me to find inner peace, fluidity in my life, a less painful body, and to make choices for a more harmonious life."



"Valentine is a beautiful person, so complete that you never get to the bottom of her literary, philosophical or historical resources. All of this with finesse, humor and grounding ... During each class I experience a gratitude that gives me immense wings of happiness, creative energy, mental space ... and it feels good !! "



"I've taken both Kundalini and Yin classes with Valentine and can't recommend them enough. She brings a very high level of thought and care to her classes, and her intelligence and deep study come through clearly. Her insights, as she guides us through practice, stay with me long after class has ended and I always leave enlightened, refreshed and smiling. "


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